Where Are They Now? Kasey Olivier

Former public relations intern, Kasey Olivier, is featured in Sioux Falls Woman Magazine this issue! Read about her incredible life here!



Where Are They Now? Clint Whitley

clintClint Whitley

  • 30 years old
  • Intern from May 2008 – August 2012
  • I’m teach high school science in Parachute, CO

No, one memory sticks in my mind as working at The Outdoor Campus has still been the best job I have ever had.  The now staff or even old interns that I worked with are now lifelong friends (for some reason I still talk to Klawitter and Klotzbach every so often). When I look at the picture I sent for this, even the hat I’m wearing came from a POMA convention TOC hosted and Derek and I got to meet some big names in the hunting industry.  That was a great TOC day. 

I remember my time at TOC everytime I throw on an old t-shirt that Thea got us. Other great memories I have are planning for Outdoor university and other big events.  I will always remember the great sense of community that was established between biologists, naturalists and other educators/staff and volunteers. 

Far too many things happened in my 4 years at TOC to share but one big thing I take with me is that TOC taught me that education is the route for me I was not interested in education until I started teaching young and junior naturalist programs.  Now i’m in my 5th year of teaching and finding success there as I was just awarded the teacher of the year for the last school year.  If you really want to here some good stories I’m sure there will be plenty of reminiscing over a lunch at pizza ranch the next time I’m in town.