By Emma Lucchesi

School was finally slowing down and the anticipation of summer was at an all-time high. As the new season drew closer, my excitement to begin my summer internship grew each day. And although I was eager to experience real world career skills, I couldn’t help feeling jealous of my peers, always posting on social media about their grand summer adventure plans. My ears would perk up as I heard people talk about traveling around the U.S. or going abroad. I couldn’t escape the conversations at graduation parties.

I have always wanted to travel, but also felt that it was essential to develop future work skills during the summer. So my dilemma was figuring out how I could go on adventures during the summer while still maintaining a job.

I was determined to visit some places near Sioux Falls and Brookings that I hadn’t explored before. I started by visiting Falls Park. Then I ventured onto GoodEarth state park, the Palisades, Devil’s Gulch, Splitrock Park, and the Japanese Terrace Garden. Some places were cooler than others.


Emma Blog Post Pic 4

My favorite place was The Palisades. I went on a random day after work. I bought a four dollar park sticker, parked my car, got a trail map, randomly picked a trail, and started on my solo hike. At first I felt awkward on the hike, but then I started to embrace the quietness of it. I am an extrovert and enjoy being in the company of others, but I had a grand time hiking alone; I highly recommend trying it. Along my hike I met a really cool dog (the owner was nice as well), climbed some cliffs, jumped across the river rocks and just had fun exploring the area. At dusk, I made my way back to my car.


Being the volunteer coordinator intern this summer has been an amazing experience. I thoroughly enjoy my job and all the people I work with. Each day I get up and wonder what new thing/skill I will learn, or what task I will need to complete. When people ask if the two hour drive each day is hard I reply with, “It is easier to do because I love the place I work at!”

Emma Blog Post Pic 1

While I love my job, it does make it harder to travel. My biggest piece of advice though is to not let that stop you. There are always places to explore; you just might have to look a little harder!


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