My Summer Project

By Kailee Versteeg

While working at a job that I love, I was assigned to create and carry out a summer project. This project could be anything, from organizing a new class, to building a new playground item for kids to climb on. It could be revamping something old, or creating something brand new. I sat for a while and pondered what I would be passionate about making/ accomplishing this summer. I wanted to enjoy completing the project but my main focus was of course having the kids enjoy my project.


Reading immediately came to my mind; I absolutely love to read to kids. I know many kids enjoy reading but sometimes need something hands on as well. That was when my brain went to the idea of crafts. I combined the two elements and came up with an idea I call, The Wild Read of the Week.

Wild read of the week

Each week I find 3-4 books about a certain topic that I choose. Lots of the books displayed in my Wild Read of the Week corner are borrowed from the Outdoor Campus’s library. My reading/ craft station is located inside The Outdoor Campus East, right in the corner of the Bird Viewing area.  The theme changes each week and so does the craft. This keeps everything new and exciting for families and kids who are here regularly.


Last weeks’ theme was Butterflies, I had 4 books about butterflies or that have butterflies in them. I display these books on a white board which I also decorate according to the theme that week. On the table next to the book-display/whiteboard,  I have a small craft with instructions for kids to create. All the materials  are provided on the craft table so that kids can have fun creating something while reading the books. This week’s theme is Owls.


little girl coloring

I am happy to say that this space has been extremely successful. Since the corner has been up and running (which might I add has only been a few weeks) I am always needing to restock craft supplies and organize books because kids are going crazy about reading and crafts! This makes me so happy to see kids reading and being creative! I hope they continue to enjoy my summer project as much as I enjoy creating it weekly for them.


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