Admittance and participation at The Outdoor Campus is so accessible to the Sioux Falls community and surrounding areas. The free educational programs and hunt safe training can be obtained by anyone with ease. Sioux Falls is lucky enough to be both an urban and nature area, thanks to state parks and other community nature landscapes. But what about the smaller communities located far away from The Outdoor Campus? How can we as an organization access these children and families so they can benefit from our classes?18945154_10154482417212466_263792479_n

The Step-Outside program has been developed to provide nature education to those who cannot get to The Outdoor Campus. A team of three staff members, a large trailer filled with outdoor equipment and a lot of fun makes up this unique experience. Traveling around the state, The Outdoor Campus staff and interns are able to educate people off-campus in area such as fishing, archery, gun safety, furs and other nature classes. The Outdoor Campus just hired a new Coordinator for the Step-Outside program; meet Jason!

Q & A with Jason Nelson

Q: What interested you in applying for this Naturalist position at The Outdoor Campus?

Jason: I have spent a lot of time in natural resource management, and throughout my career, I discovered my passion was outreach and education. I decided I wanted to find a job where that’s what I could do every day. So when this position opened up, I applied right away.

Q: How have your first (only 2) days gone in your new position?

Jason: Crazy. There is a lot going on… which is great! It’s exactly what I wanted. I am so excited to have two interns helping me out. They are new too so we are all learning together.

Q: What are the goals you have for this upcoming summer and future seasons to come?

Jason: Right now I am focusing on surviving. Ha-ha, no, but I am just excited to learn and share what The Outdoor Campus has to offer. And really, the goal here is to get kids outside. That’s number one.

Q: Anything else you want to share with me about your time at The Outdoor Campus so far?

Jason: Just that, I’m Happy To Be Here 🙂


We are all so excited to welcome Jason Nelson to The Outdoor Campus team! It is going to be a great summer!




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