sunflower-seeds-537652_1280by Brian Long

The Step Outside crew is always on the road and when on the road we have become sunflower connoisseurs. Snacking is important on long road trips and every time we stop at the gas station our snack of choice is always a bag of sunflower seeds.

We usually mix it up and go with a different flavored bag every time. Being on the road so much we have been able to try pretty much all of them. It’s important with sunflower seeds if you are eating a lot that you will want a flavor that does not destroy your mouth. Some flavors such as buffalo wing or some BBQ flavors are really good but, they are kind of hard on your gums.

It is also important to have a drink with your sunflower seeds such as tea or water because your mouth will get a little dry as well. With so many different brands and different flavors, we would like to share our thoughts on what are the best.

We ranked our top five sunflower seeds flavors and brand names. The one kind of sunflower seeds that made all of our top 5 was Giants Salty Sweet. This is a favorite because it has the best flavor and it is not hard on your gums at all so you can eat them the entire road trip. So next time you are on the road feel free to take our advice on our top flavors of sunflower seeds.


Brian Tom Andrew
1 Giants- Salty Sweet Bigs– Barbeque Giants – Salty Sweet
2 Spitz– Dill Pickle Bigs– Sizzling Bacon Bigs– Buffalo Wing
3 Giants– Black Pepper Bigs– Dill Pickle David– BBQ
4 Wild Dutchman Giants– Salty Sweet Giants– Bacon Ranch
5 Dakota Style– BBQ Bigs– Original Spitz– Cracked Pepper


Brian Long is SD Game, Fish and Parks outreach naturalist. He travels all over southeast South Dakota to teach kids about the outdoors. This summer he traveled with his two interns, Andrew and Tom.


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