By Brian Long

1. You always have a rod and tackle box.


No matter what vehicle you own, it is never without a tackle box and a rod. You keep these in there for the “just in case moment” of the possibility of making it to a fishing hole on your daily routine. This might sound strange to some people but to anglers it happens more than we can admit. It’s not that we accidentally come around a shore line, but that when the weather is right we don’t want to miss a minute of fishing.

2. You have Coon Eyes.


The permanent sunglass tan lines don’t disappear even during the winter months. The people who you are around most can’t tell if you are wearing sunglasses or not.

3. Vacation is never vacation.


When you plan vacation it isn’t based locations where you will be able to relax, it is based upon fishing reports and opportunities. Really, what is the point of going somewhere else if you don’t get a chance to fish? There will be no sleeping in, no fancy suppers, and no sitting on a beach chair. Your time planning the trip will be finding your spots, researching carters, and packing gear.

4. You Can Tell a Lie.


That fish that got away? Yes it was a state record, and it was the third state record you caught that day. The fish you caught 3 years ago grows an inch every time you talk about it. You can make up anything to avoid telling someone your secret spot. You don’t care what anyone says, you couldn’t keep them of your hook a week ago in this spot.

5. The Only “Good” Pictures You Take Are Ones with Fish in Your Hands.


Snapping a picture at a wedding? You can’t get out of there quick enough. Holding a proud angler? You can’t take enough pictures. You also know the best way to hold that fish so you can say it is whatever size you want, depending on who you’re talking to. These photos are the only ones you would consider framing as well, don’t worry about your family.

Brian is an outreach naturalist at The Outdoor Campus. He coordinates our Step Outside program as well as any other outreach for outdoor education. He is also, clearly, an avid fisherman.



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