By Haley Baker, Kent State University ’16

Sometimes you wish things could be easier or more convenient when camping. You might have three rambunctious children and a grumpy, caffeine-deprived husband, or you are chaperoning a group of 20 campers with two other tired adults that wish they volunteered for the senior center casino trip instead. Whatever the case, these camping hacks will save you time and energy, or just make your camping trip just a little bit better.

1. Make instant coffee with these DIY coffee filter bags2

First thing’s first. You have to caffeinate for your long day ahead. But you don’t have to spend money on getting packets of instant coffee. Just take your favorite coffee, put one (or two) scoops inside a coffee filter and tie it off with dental floss. Make as many as you think you’ll need for your trip the day before.

2. Use Doritos (or any corn chips) as kindling when you can’t find anyscreen-shot-2014-01-18-at-12-47-35-pm

Pack some extra Doritos! The tasty chip we all know and love has just the right combination of chemicals, powdered flavor and oils that you need to start a fire. This is a fun experiment to try if you have curious kids or if you really can’t find any dry kindling out in nature. But this also makes me rethink my snacks choices.

3. Aim a headlamp into an empty milk jug for an instant lanternjug_light1

Need a light that lights up the whole tent? Take your handy headlamp (a camping staple) and aim it into an empty milk jug. Much better than paying for and hauling a heavy lantern in the tent when you want to read.

4. Use microfiber towels2-towel

Microfiber towels absorb more and dry faster. They are also lightweight, pack easily, and more durable. Sounds like a good camping towel to me.

5. Roast crescent rolls for fast breads and pastriescamping-recipes-campfire-crescent-roll-dogs-honest-cooking-cool-mom-picks_zps23597a1b

Crescent rolls are very versatile and pack easy in a cooler. There are a million campfire crescent roll recipes on Pinterest, but my favorite is the campfire churro because YUM! Just sprinkle a little cinnamon and sugar on your roll, wrap it and roast it. They are even better with whipped cream.

Haley is writing for the Outdoor Campus as part of an internship in Public Relations.







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