By Haley Baker, Kent State University, Class of  ’16

Impress your friends and family at your next campfire with this creative s’more menu. Each recipe only has three ingredients, so you can feast the night away. Cooking gourmet has never been easier or sweeter.

1. The Cookie Smash

Chocolate Chip Cookies/Milk Chocolate/Marshmallow


2. The Grasshopper

Graham Crackers/Andes Mint Chocolate/Marshmallows

3. The Nutty Buddy

Nutter Butter Cookies/ Nutella/ Marshmallows

4. The Twister

Pretzel Thins/ Milk Chocolate/ Marshmallows

5. The S’mOreo

Graham Crackers/ Cookies and Cream Chocolate/ Marshmallows

Find more gourmet s’more recipes on our Pinterest board!

Haley is blogging for the Outdoor Campus as part of a summer internship in public relations.


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