Why You Wanna Work at The Outdoor Campus

By Travis Miller
Starting a new job is an event that brings up many emotions: apprehension, excitement, anticipation, and fear. Upon beginning work at The Outdoor Campus, I was initially scared of what my co-workers would think of me. How would we get along? Will they think I’m weird? What if they all hate me? I was also worried about the fact that I was the only male among six naturalist interns. With five women as co-workers, you never really know what to expect!  We would soon be spending forty hours a week together for the next three months, so it’s kind of important that we get along.

About a week into the summer internship, I realized this group of people were some of the funniest, kindest, most goofy people I’ve ever been around. After one week of working with them we were already laughing endlessly together, oversharing details of our lives, talking about future goals and aspirations, and did I mention laughing endlessly together? I’ve had many co-workers before and I have always made it a goal to get along with them. Here at The Outdoor Campus, I’ve hardly had to try. It’s like I had known these people my entire life; they made me feel comfortable and welcomed.


This summer has been one to remember. All of my co-workers, not just the interns, have made this summer fun and enjoyable. We all have a relationship that transcends talking only when we work. We have had fun even outside of work. So, really, I don’t go to work everyday to work with my co-workers; I wake up every day to live a new day with great friends. To everyone I have encountered this summer at The Outdoor Campus, thank you so much for making this summer one I’ll never forget. To anyone who is saying to themselves “I want a work environment like that,” well guess what…you can! Apply for an internship or volunteer at The Outdoor Campus! It has been one of the most rewarding positions I have had. The combination of awesome coworkers, awesome classes, and being outside every day can’t be beat.


Hi! My name is Travis Miller and I am currently a senior double major in Mathematics and Education at Augustana College here in Sioux Falls. I like spaghetti and chocolate chip cookies. Along with my love of math, I love to sing, be outdoors, run, laugh, smile and make others smile.

My Favorite Class: Wet N’ Wild

By Erica Jurgensen

It’s always alarming when we hear about kids never getting the experience of exploring nature. Too often these kids grow up in a world where they are either afraid to explore or are too involved in technology to notice the beautiful world we live in. That’s why I always enjoy teaching at The Outdoor Campus; I get to see these kids being excited to learn about the world so many people their age ignore.IMG_3050

One particular class that I enjoy teaching is our Wet ‘n’ Wild class. In this class the kids get to learn all about different organisms that live in our creeks. They do this by looking at different samples that we have in test tubes and learn how to identify them. It is so much fun watching the kids act like scientists! After we practice identifying samples we put on our boots, grab our nets and walk down to the oxbow. This is where the real excitement begins.

The kids get to scoop their nets into the water and examine the creatures that they find. I can’t help but smile as I watch the kids work as a group to identify the creature. It’s even more fun to watch a child that is “afraid” of bugs pick one up to take a closer look.  Almost every time I teach this class, and no matter how many times I warn them, somebody always seems to get stuck in the mud and fall into the water. It makes for a fun, messy time. Even the kids that claim they are afraid to touch bugs or get dirty come out laughing.Landscape 2

That’s why I love teaching this class; we never know what we might find, but the kids still have fun learning no matter what!