What Will You do at OU?

Outdoor University is our biggest event of the year, as you likely know courtesy of our not shutting up about it on Twitter and Facebook for weeks beforehand.  That’s our bad…we just can’t contain our excitement! It seemed like a good idea to try and help you understand what it is about this event that gets us all so amped up, so we asked OU veteran staff members about their favorite parts of our favorite day.


Director Thea Miller Ryan: “Being outside all day with people who love the outdoors.”

Regional Supervisor Emmett Keyser: “Getting to see the kids let the toads from the touch tanks go in the pond at the end of the day.”HillaryOU

Senior Secretary Hillary Fernholz: “Seeing how excited the little kids are about everything.”


Outreach Naturalist Intern Brian Long: “Teaching the kids how to clean fish and game.”

Community & Group Program Coordinator Derek Klawitter: “Seeing whole families, together, learning about outdoor activities, especially fishing and archery.”EricaOU

Naturalist Intern Erica Jurgensen: “The rock climbing wall!”


Volunteer Coordinator Intern Monica Boyer: “Seeing how many people come out wanting to learn more about what we do here.”

Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Chamblin: “The excited kids. Even kids standing in long lines for activities like kayaking are so excited. I’ve never heard a complaint.”KahrynOU

Naturalist Intern Kahryn Ragsdale: “Seeing people try new things and be excited!”

Naturalist Sandy Richter: “Hearing happy kids scream with excitement.”LynnOU

Secretary Lynn Purdy: “Seeing people have fun and get excited, and also the magnificent birds of prey that the Black Hills Raptor Center brings and puts on display. You can’t miss it!”

Outdoor University is this Saturday, August 1, from 9 am to 4 pm. We can’t wait to see you there.


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