By Sam Williams

Camping, on face, doesn’t seem like a logical way to spend your time. You work hard all week to afford a place to live so you don’t have to sleep outside on the ground in a park, and then you spend the weekend sleeping outside on the ground in a park. Luckily for all of us, fun is never logical; if you only did logical stuff you would never play sports or eat cake, and you’d only read non-fiction books and everyone would be kind of scared of you.

At The Outdoor Campus, we love camping because it combines our favorite place—outside—with the perfect opportunity to do all our favorite activities, from fishing to kayaking to hiking and more. We want everyone to get as much joy from camping as we do, so we’ve put together a list of reasons why you’ll want to head out to the campground sometime soon.campstockfire

  • Switching It Up

A good way to convince yourself to give camping a try is to consider your alternatives. The vast majority of us have a routine for our weekends, spending one after the other at the golf course, downtown, in a buddy’s basement or wherever else you’ve grown comfortable. A weekend outside and away from the familiar can be a perfect way to inject some much-needed excitement into your life.

  • The Great Outdoors

Ditching the beauty of a big-screen TV and indoor plumbing for a weekend offers the opportunity to instead take in the beauty of the great outdoors. It turns out the trees and the sunset and the stars are a lot more vivid in person than they are on Instagram, no matter how skilled you are with filters.


  • Fun with the Fam

Family, friends, partners, whomever; they’re all great candidates to bring along on a weekend of fun. The kind of shared experiences one can only have with a group of loved ones in the great outdoors are those that become lifelong memories. It’s also a great way to get kids active in the short term while also instilling a love of healthy hobbies like hiking and rock climbing that they can take with them into the future.


  • Fire and Food

Health isn’t everything, though, and no camping trip is complete without a little open fire-roasted gluttony. Hot dogs, burgers, grilled cheese and s’mores are essential meals when it comes to crafting a perfect camping trip. And you’ll need that energy for a long night around the campfire telling spooky stories about the group of campers who went missing on a night just…like…tonight…


  • Reflect and Recharge

Apart from the simple joys of getting out, getting active, eating s’mores and terrifying children, there’s a profound personal benefit that comes with leaving the worries of the week behind, both physically and mentally. Planning a weekend of camping can help you deal with stress from both directions; it gives you something to look forward to at the end of the work week, while also giving you a chance to recover and recharge once the weekend finally comes. Having a simple, enjoyable time with your favorite people can both relax you and help remind you about what’s really important in your life.

Sam Williams is a public relations intern this summer at The Outdoor Campus, and spends his free time reading non-fiction books and terrifying children.


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