Fresh Air Fashion Show

The first of our Show and Tell Sunday events went down last weekend, and it was a big success. Now we’re even more excited for the bevy of offerings we have planned for the rest of the summer’s Sundays.


Next weekend’s event is quite a departure from the usual Outdoor Campus fare, but we know it has the potential to be a smash hit. In conjunction with Scheels and Sioux Falls native fashion journalism student Maddy Ryan, we’ll be presenting an outdoor apparel fashion show featuring outfits tailored to activities like kayaking, camping, hunting and more. In addition, we’ll be making sure to inform the audience about important safety tips to go along with each outfit.

Keep scrolling for more info regarding specifically what kind of activities we’ll be showing you how to dress for, as well as lots of pictures of us putzing around in Scheels.


20150617_140242One sure-to-be featured form of attire is comfortable camping gear, both for the daytime and for the evening. The day calls for lighter clothing, comfortable shoes and plenty of sunscreen, while the evening asks for warm, loose clothes with long sleeves to keep the bugs at bay.


Another activity we’ll be showing off a style for is kayaking. The number one tip here is simple: ALWAYS wear a life jacket.20150617_141108If there’s any time you’d want to be following safety rules to the letter, it’s while out hunting. Camo clothing is a must, but be sure not to overlook the blaze orange that will keep you visible and un-shot for the entirety of the trip.

This is only a sample of course, and you can expect a style relevant to you no matter how you choose to spend your time outside. Be sure to drop by and take in a great show this Sunday!


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