Show and Tell Sundays

The Outdoor Campus has put together a number of events that we’re hoping will yank you off the couch for a short time each of the next six Sundays.  These events are one time, all ages affairs, all starting at 2 p.m. with no pesky pre-registration required. They give us a chance to provide some new, unique offerings, and we want everyone else to be as excited about them as we are.

June 14: Meet a Conservation Officer, Nate Stukel

Conservation officers are important folks. Their job is to serve people and manage wildlife, which means they’re constantly focused on keeping you, local wildlife and the local environment safe from harm. Nate will be here to share important information and some cool law enforcement tools while answering any questions you might have for him.


June 21: Fresh Air Fashion

To ensure that you stay looking fresh in the fresh air, we’ve teamed up with Scheels to do a fashion show featuring all the latest outdoor styles. It promises to be a fun time, and you might just see something on the runway that could complete your outdoor outfit.

June 28: Glamping

Our last blog post went into great detail about what glamping is and how to get started, but if you’re too lazy to scroll that far down, just know that “glamping” is short for “glamorous camping.” We’ll have a display set up for anyone to come and take a look at, and TOC Director Thea Miller Ryan will be here answering all of your glamping questions.

July 12: Bubo’s Place – Raptor Rehabilitation, Lynn Purdy

Sorry, no dino-nurses, but we’ve got the next best thing. Perfect for bird lovers, this class will feature certified raptor rehabilitator Lynn Purdy showing off some of her birds and speaking about birds of prey, like owls and hawks.


July 19: TBD

That means “to be decided,” which means we don’t know yet, but it’ll probably be something cool.

July 26: Antarctica on Foot, Kathy Anderson

Kathy Anderson explored Antarctica, and then she came all the way back here to tell you about it. She’ll be presenting some amazing photos of glaciers, penguins, and all sorts of other Antarctic wildlife. Come learn something new about a little known region of the world.


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