Baby Animals – If You Care, Leave Them There

10982035_10205537892659236_3706015615851795486_nIt’s only May 20, but our offices have been answering a LOT of phone calls about baby animals already. Our advice is always going to be, “If you care, leave it there.”

Sometimes mother nature isn’t kind. Animals are different than humans – they leave baby animals behind for reasons we can’t always see – they may be ill or diseased. Nobody wants to think about what happens to those babies, but they usually end up playing a role in another animal’s circle of life. Sad, but factual.

So far this year, we’ve received phone calls regarding these animals:

Ducklings – 8 calls

Squirrels – 3 calls

BIrds – 2 calls

Rabbits – 8 calls

Raccoons – 2 calls

Groundhog – 1 call

We don’t want to give you the bad news, but baby animals picked up by humans don’t end up well. Tell your kids, your neighbor kids and your friends – If you care, leave them there.