Our Wildlife division has been hard at work the last several weeks collaring fawns to monitor population and mortality rates in Region 3’s white-tailed deer.

The data received from the fawn study is invaluable in determining how to care for the state’s deer population and how to handle deer tag NCM_0157reductions or increases.

Does usually give birth to two fawns at a time. During their early weeks, she may leave them unattended to find food and water, but goes through a great effort to keep them scentless.
GFP officials and those working with them find the fawns by monitoring doe activity and then walking the area in search of the newborn deer.

R1401297688282egion 3 collared 53 fawns, and statewide GFP managed to collar 271NCM_0150.14018100522191401891729584






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