Looking for something fun to do next time you visit Sertoma Park? You can do these activities seven days a week until 10 p.m. daily!

Bluegill nest - the outdoor campus1. Look for bluegill nests in the pond. Bluegills build round nests out of tiny rocks just off the shore of our pond. The adult fish guard the eggs, so if you look closely you will see them chase off other fish.

2. On hot afternoons, raccoons love taking naps on tree branches. Look up. If you see a flat wide tree branch check for a furry sleeper. They love to sprawl out on the branch and close their eyes.

3. Toads are hatching! Look down along our trails as you walk. Tiny toads that match the dark color of the trail might be hopping underfoot.

4. Turtles are laying eggs. If you see a big snapping turtle digging a hole near one of our trails it’s probably going to be laying some eggs soon. We don’t recommend getting too close to it, but watch it from a safe distance. The Geese

5. Goslings are plentiful in Sertoma Park. They go from cute yellow fuzzy babies to gangly, not-so-cute young geese very quickly. Watch these from a distance, too. Goose parents will warn you when you get too close by hissing like a cat.


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