Five Great Reasons to Teach Kids Archery

2013_08_03_9999_809Thanks to movies like The Hunger Games, Brave and even the Olympics, archery is more popular than ever with kids. We can hardly keep up with the demand for archery classes here at The Outdoor Campus!

Here are five great reasons to do archery:
1) Archery helps kids get a sense of accomplishment. Even if kids don’t love playing team sports like soccer, basketball or football, they often love the sense of accomplishment an individual sport like archery can give them.
2) It’s not quite as physical as other sports. Kids don’t even have to be able to walk to shoot archery. It’s a great sport for kids with disabilities to try.
3) Archery is physical: If kids wish to progress in the sport, they may consider improving upper body strength.
4) Kids learn responsibility with archery. Archery requires kids to be safe, take care of the equipment and follow some hard and fast rules.
5) Archery helps kids focus. Practicing archery requires kids to stop thinking about friends, TV, phones and music to hit the target. They are trained to concentrate on their target and clear their minds, creating students who have better focus.


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