Learning from a Storm

There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.
Willa Cather

By Thea
“When you work with nature, you work with nature,” one of my colleagues told me today. It’s true. Mother Nature gave us a wild challenge last weekend. We had a big storm hit us.


Todd Heitkamp of the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls stopped by yesterday because he wanted to set the record straight. “It wasn’t a tornado,” he said. “I stopped by because two ladies basically called me a liar,” he laughed.

20130901_143115Ok. So what the heck was the storm that threw a HUGE picnic table into a tree, bulldozed tons of older shade trees, made a pile of picnic tables into a metal tangle, drove a fiberglass piece several inches into our building and broke 14 windows?

“I’d call it a micro burst – straight line winds,” Todd said. He said he was noting that the winds were likely 70 to 80 miles per hour.

Wow. Now I know what wind like that can do.

Nobody was hurt. Everything is repairable or replaceable. For that, I’m very thankful. I learned I can be sad about the trees I planted in our fire pit area 20 years ago that were finally providing the shade I dreamed about at the time. I can be sad about the missing forts, the vine-covered arbor and the shade sails that blew away from our nature playscape. I learned I work with a lot of amazing people who come running when called to help.

I also learned we will be fine. We’re prairie people, KELO TV recorded me saying. We will be fine.


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