Worms. All Over the Refrigerator.

photo by SD Tourism

Oh, the lessons we learn as we grow.

In our quest to find out what interns took away from their experiences here, we got a sort of funny reminder about an incident that happened years ago involving worms.

Meghan Greenlee Smith recalls, “I can’t ever put nightcrawlers in the fridge without thinking of the time that the big box of them was left uncovered and there were worms crawling out of the lining of the fridge and out from behind all the biscuits and other outdoor cooking food. Chris McCart and I kept screaming like we were in a haunted house!”

We had to completely pull the refrigerator apart to remove the “problem.” After that, we scraped up some funds to buy a small refrigerator to keep in the fishing equipment closet that would always be home to worms.

Meghan, like many others, really loved working here during college. “My internship was one of the best jobs I have ever had and that is saying something because I really love what I do now,” she said. Meghan is a labor and post partum nurse in Colorado.

“More than being a good nurse, working as an intern made me a better momma to my two little boys,” she said. “My oldest, Finn, is obsessed with fish and has memorized the fish cards he got at TOC this summer.”

Meghan laught preschoolers about furry animals when she was an intern.

She said she learned some lifelong lessons working here. “I learned the importance of knowing whether the people you work with enjoy a little suspense about what the day may bring or would rather know everything well ahead of time. That is a life lesson I am constantly reminded of. I think of the summer and winter that I was an intern as time well spent.”

Thanks for your work here, Meghan. If you know anyone interested in being an intern at The Outdoor Campus, have them apply online here.


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