Interns Get to Wear Cool Socks

By Thea

Intern Sandy won the sock contest by influencing the judge. She put his name all over her socks.

We asked some of our former interns to tell us a few things they learned or loved while working at The Outdoor Campus. I LOVE this list, sent to us by Sandy Krom Bauer. Sandy was our very first intern in 1997. She came to her interview prepared, but uniquely Sandy.

I believe our conversation went like this.

Thea: Why do you want to work for The Outdoor Campus?

Sandy: Well, I really just wanted a new outfit and this was a good excuse.

Thea; You’re hired.

Or something like that.

Oh, and she also won our “coolest socks” contest by unfairly influencing the judge. She put his name on her socks.

Anyway – here’s Sandy’s list of things she learned at The Outdoor Campus:

Things I learned at the Campus.
1) Don’t underestimate the power of honesty and a new suit.
2) Don’t tan on the benches out back when your boss is having a meeting.
3) Sharing an office with someone different than yourself makes you better.
4) Learn something that is not in your job description, it makes you invaluable.
5) It’s okay if you are not one with nature, as long as you respect it.
6) Bats are cool.
7) When competing in sock competitions, think Above the knee.
8)8) Don’t be too cocky, they’ll get you back.
9) When you see your office mate in waders with a bucket, find something to do outside of your office for the rest of the day.
10) Make life long friends.

If you know a college student interested in working with kids and the outdoors, send them here to apply for our paid internships.


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