Bye, Bye Woodpeckers!

By Thea

Yes, we are a nature center. We do love birds. Sadly, they love us, too. To death.

I admit, after 16 years of sitting in an office with wood siding, I was no longer a fan of woodpeckers. Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap. TAP, TAP, TAP. All day long. I tapped back, I yelled. I put duct tape over their holes, I put shiny things nearby, I put a fake owl outside. Nothing worked.

It wasn’t just the sound. They tapped holes in our building – big holes, little holes, lines of holes – so many holes that the siding started to fall off in chunks. Water got under the siding and things got worse.

The woodpeckers were winning.

We called in the reinforcements in the form of new cement siding. Yes, the sounds of old siding being ripped off the building and the new siding being added is noisy. Things are falling off my office walls as they hammer outside. But it’s worth it.

I win, woodpeckers. I win.


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